For Organizations

To post a volunteer opportunity, first you have to Log In or Register for an account.

Posting a Listing

To post a listing, go to Volunteer > Add Your Volunteer Opportunity. Then, follow this form:

Volunteer Opportunity Name: The name of your volunteer listing.

Description: Describe your volunteer opportunity. Include all of the information you can.

Date(s) and Time(s): If your volunteer opportunity happens at a specific moment, or follows a schedule, post it here.

Location: Type in your location and click the auto-generated address.

Skills Needed: Post skills required, or recommended, for participants to have.

Requirements and commitment: Post any and all requirements or commitment criteria related to the listing. For example, a weekly position might require the person to show up every week.

Categories: Select a category from the drop-down menu below. You can select more than one category.

Expiration Date: If your listing is a one-time thing that happens on one day, please post a day for the listing to be removed.

Organization Name, Contact Name and Organization Address: It’s important that if the volunteer wants to call someone, they know who they can speak to.

Phone Number, Email and Website: Phone number and email are required, website is optional.

Contact Availability: Post when your organization would like to be contacted.

Social Accounts: Post social media links for your organization or volunteer opportunity.

Photo Upload: Upload one photo to go with your listing, as long as its under 2MB.

Finally, click Submit Listing. You can view your listing right afterwards – it will be posted automatically.

Editing your Listings

You can edit your existing listings by going to Volunteer > My Listings. This will show both your Directory and Volunteer Listings. You can filter between them by clicking the Directory arrows at the top of the list. Click the listing to edit it – it will appear like an already-filled out form, and all you need to do is click the Submit button at the bottom to save your changes.