Family Independence Initiative

The Family Independence Initiative, a program to help families strengthen their financial futures, is seeking 450 families to enroll in the online-based opportunity. Families receive money to register, and then receive compensation to journal their financial journeys monthly into an online portal called UpTogether. 

Paul Haeder, the site coordinator for both Jefferson and Lincoln County FII programs, states he has 30 families enrolled so far in Jefferson County.  The program is also supported by Oregon DHS in an effort to help understand how families can lift themselves and each other out of poverty. 

To enroll in the program, contact Paul at or call him at 509-879-9337.  To learn more about the program, go to

How it works:

Families enroll and can create groups with 5-7 other families. We are asking  you to set goals and collectively find solutions to improve lives (on-line).

  • As a household you report monthly on overall progress through FII’s community building platform, UpTogether. (10 minutes a month!)
  • FII compiles and analyzes data from UpTogether to capture trends and share what we learn from families.
  • FII informs stakeholders about what works in order to steer resources directly to family driven solutions.
  • In exchange for their insights and data, families will receive up to $840 over one year.

“I have actually made more REAL connections with FII members from Austin to Chicago and even some in California. It is really neat to meet and talk with members that have uplifting plans and sincere goals.”

-Marae, Depoe Bay, OR

Updated: April 27, 2020