2020 Movin’ Mountains Slimdown Challenge Week 13

Welcome to Week 13 of the Movin’ Mountains Fitness Challenge!

Fit Tip:

One of the major benefits of drinking water is the aid in weight loss. I know for myself if I am feeling hungry quite often I am dehydrated, so if I drink water I eat less. The normal recommendations for the amount of water to drink is eight 8oz. glasses per day. Also, if you are thirsty you are probably already somewhat dehydrated so do not use that as an indicator of whether or not you need to drink water.

Attached are the recipe and fit tip of the week. As we go into warmer weather I wanted to attach the benefits of drinking water document. The recipe for this week is a healthier Cobb Salad minus the bacon.

Have a great rest of your week!

-Carolyn Harvey