2020 Movin’ Mountains Slimdown Challenge Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the 2020 Jefferson County Movin’ Mountains Challenge.

Fit Tip:
Having done this program for many years the one thing I find is that a number of participants set too high of goals for themselves so as the end of the challenge approaches they give up. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to set SMART goals for themselves. A realistic weight loss goal is 1.5-2lbs. a week so that can be anywhere from 16lbs. to 32lbs. during the 16 weeks. I also say that life gets in the way (birthday parties, invite out to dinner, getting sick etc.) so setting a lower goal is my best advice. I am also a strong advocate of losing weight slowly so you can keep it off. I have seen many participants lose a very large amount of weight but do not keep it off. My goal for you is to lose to and keep it off. Ask yourself how many times have you lost weight but to gain it back again? The hard part is keeping it off…so slow and steady is what works for a lifetime!!!

I have attached a healthy meatloaf recipe and a document on setting “SMART” goals for the 16-week challenge below.

Have a great week!!

-Carolyn Harvey