2020 Movin’ Mountains Slimdown Challenge Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the 2020 Jefferson County Movin’ Mountains Challenge.

Fit Tip:
There are all kinds of ideas out there on how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and it can get very confusing and frustrating. I know what works for me…I am a grazer through-out the day and really like a lot of the snack options in the attached document. Also, eating within 1 hour after you get up is important and especially if you are planning on exercising right away in the morning. I have been asked many times if someone should eat before they exercise and the answer is yes. You need to think of your body as an automobile. If you do not fuel it does not run right? And, more importantly putting in quality fuel is necessary so a doughnut with coffee is not the best option! You should consider eating a healthy carbohydrate and protein like a hand full of blueberries with some yogurt on top before you exercise to get your engine revved up. Don’t eat too much if it upsets your stomach when you exercise.

Here is how I look at eating throughout the day. There is the starvation concept that your body will store food to get you from one meal to the next. So, if you only eat say at 7am then 12noon and then 6pm your body stores the food to get you to the next meal. If you ate every 3-4 hours (the same amount of calories ) your body would learn to burn that food up in-between meals and become more efficient at calorie expenditure. Most importantly is that breakfast meal…you haven’t eaten in how many hours so you really need to get that fuel in there. I plan to talk more about the importance of breakfast next week. So again with baby steps, try eating smaller amounts through-out the day for a couple of days and see how you feel.

I have attached the recipe of the week which is a very simple and healthy lunch option, plus a document created by Kacey Conyers; Registered Dietician from Warm Spring on 5 weight management tips including some snack options.

Hope you are enjoying the great weather…get out there and move and have a great rest of the week!

-Carolyn Harvey